Published Works

Sara Wilson’s early poetry was published in Vancouver Island University’s literary magazine Portal, years 2004-2008.

“Observe” appeared in the anthology Dinosaur Porn, by Ferno House and The Emergency Response Unit (2010).

“Shrike” has been published in Slim Volume: See Into The Dark by Pankhearst (2016).

“Tonsilloliths”, “Stars Like Salt Spray”, and “Agoraphobe” have been published in White Stag‘s #Neogoddesses issue (2016).

“The Conchologists” has been published in The Violet Hour‘s Gothic and Macabre issue, which can be read online free. The print edition will soon be available for purchase (2016).

“Narwhal” can be read in the free online magazine Zoomorphic, Issue 7 (2016).

“The Accidental Apiarist”  has been published in the drought themed anthology The Absence of Something Specified (2016).

“Poison Dart Frogs” and ” The Mortality of Bees” can be found in NōD Magazine‘s 20th issue (2016).